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How to tag someone on Facebook?

Adding the Facebook status is not that tough. Facebook users add quality to their walls on a routine basis. How to tag someone on Facebook It is a way of interacting with friends and followers.

Tagging People on Fb Status

Method 1

When you want to tag someone on Facebook status, you can do so using the simple step. The main thing that the Facebook user has to do is to hit the button of @. You can do so with remarkable ease by pressing the button of Shift + 2. After doing so, you will get the names of pages or your friends in the dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu, make the selection for the one whom you like to tag. However, if you do not view the people or page you want to order, type it in the empty bar. As you view the desired page or people, click on it. It will instantly tag the people. Indeed, you can order multiple people in a single status. 

Method 2

Another method for tagging people of Facebook status is to click on the icon of Tag Friends. When you are done typing your situation, you can consider the tagging of friends to add more value to it. At the bottom of the status bar, there is the icon for Tag Friends. Click on this icon and then type the page or friend name to tag. Now click on the button of Done. You can make selections for multiple people and tag them easily in the status. After clicking the button of Done, you will observe the tagging in the blue color at the level. Now click on the Post button. 

Tagging Someone in Comments tag someone on Facebook

The method to tag someone in the Facebook comments is super quick and easy. We encounter a variety of posts from different Facebook pages or groups in your news feed. When you relish any joke, informative content, or any other such thing, then you can tag your friends in it. It will draw attention to the content, and hence they can respond to it quite quickly. Click on the button for comments on the post. Now, in the empty field of analysis, hit @ and write the Facebook name of your friend. Keep on tagging your friends and enjoy your stay at this social media site. 

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Tagging Someone On Facebook App

Facebook is the most commonly used app throughout the world. Facebook users can open up their accounts with a single tap on the app. Indeed, it allows them the golden opportunity to switch to multiple Facebook accounts with a single tap. Open up the Facebook app and then type the status in it. In the keypad, click the button of @ and tag the person within seconds. The user can order the friends by tapping the tag icon, which seems like a blue silhouette. Please tap on the icon and then in the search bar, mention your friends’ Facebook names, and then check the box to tag them. You can select multiple friends to form the list and tap at the button of Done.

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