How to repot a plant?

How to repot a plant

Gardening demands the use of the right techniques and skills. The beautiful and widespread garden seems adorable. Greenery is highly attractive and pleases the eyes to the optimum. How to repot a plant People like to grow a garden in their home and work hard to flourish it. The beautiful and colorful flowers add more grace to the home and let you get more appreciation.

Reason for repot a plant

Grow the plants more and more and multiply these by shifting them to multiple pots. When a plant grows much in a pot, then it must be shifted to huge on or in multiple pots. Repot the plant when you find the pot insufficient for the growth of the plant

Another reason for repotting the plant is the dying of soil. When you feel that the soil is massively dried or seems to disintegrate, then report the plant. When the soil is not absorbing water, and it stays at the top, then you can save the plant through repotting. Repot the plant when the roots move out from the drainage holes. 

Method to Repot the Plant

Selection of New Pot

Select the Larger pot than the existing one. Ensure that the new pot that you are about to use has a drainage hole. The new pot must have certain characteristics and hence must be chosen with care. It must be deeper and wider than the previous one. 

Drainage Coverage

Now, use the terra cotta for the covering of drainage. It is capable of absorbing moisture in it. The basic reason for using the drainage coverage is to avoid the falling of soil from the pot. The water can pass easily from the pot. 

Soil Layering

Before potting the plant in the new pot, ensure to add the soil layer to it. The base of the soil layer will offer more space for the plant to grow. It will ensure better growth of the plant.

Remove the Plant

Now after accomplishing all the steps, water the plant thoroughly. It will help in keeping the plant healthy. After watering the plant, now remove the plant quite carefully while keeping the roots intact. 

Prune and Repot the Plant

For the better flourishing of the plant, it is necessary to prune the older roots. Take proper time for pruning the older roots. The older and dead roots will not grow well and will affect the plant. Hence, one must prune the ideal roots properly so that the fresh and new roots grow in the plant. Now repot a plant into the new pot and fix it well. Keep it upright and centered and add more soil to it.

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Adding More Grace to Garden

Follow the proper method of repotting the plants else the plant would die. Save the plants from being killed. The improper repotting of the plant kills it. Add more grace to your garden by repotting the plants in adorable pots. If you are using an ordinary pot, then you can décor it the way you like. Paint it well or create beautiful flowers or designs for it. Wear the cap of creativity and embellish your garden in an impressive manner.