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How to pop your ears?

Clogging of the ear is characterized by the straining to hear, muffled sounds, discomfort, and pain. How to pop your ears Popping the ear is the method that leads to the unclogging of ears within hours or days. 

What is Clogged Ear?

The main reason for the clogging of the ear is Eustachian tube blockage. It is the tube that is responsible for connecting the throat to the middle ear. In the case of a clogged ear, there is an obstruction in the Eustachian tube. The obstruction may be due to the trapping of mucus, fluid, or wax in the middle ear. Hence, it affects the hearing too. Another reason for clogging of the ear is infection such as sinusitis, influenza, and the common cold. Allergic rhinitis may even lead to clogging.

Ways to pop your ears

Popping of Ears through Medication

Many people visit the doctor to pop their ears. The doctor examines the ear closely to find out the reason for clogging. Hence, he prescribes the medicine to the patient as per the condition of the patient. Most often, people visit the doctor when the clogging of the ear is quite stubborn. It is better to avoid any remedy on the ears when the clogging is causing much pain. The most common medication for the popping of the ear is nasal sprays, nasal corticosteroids, and nasal decongestants. 

Popping of Ears through Remedies

Valsalva maneuver

It is one of the most beneficial remedies in which the Eustachian tube unclogs quite quickly. The method includes the plugging of the nose while keeping the lips closed. Blow out gently after plugging the nose. Prevent the hard blowing. Else, there could be much trouble with the eardrum. The clogging of the ear due to pressure changes is better dealt with by this method.

Swallowing pop your ears

Many of the times, the popping of ears may occur due to swallowing. Swallowing is the method that activates the muscles of the Eustachian tube. It is better to practice hard swallowing candy or sipping water. Practice it a few times to get the outcomes. In case of unclogging of ears, you will hear a little peculiar sound. 

Yawning pop your ears 

When you are experiencing clogging of ears, then do a few fake yawns. Open up your mouth for a few fake yawns, and it will work on the Eustachian tube by equalizing the pressure of the ears. It is a fabulous way to prevent the unequal pressure between the outside and inside of the ears. 

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Ear Popping Through Devices

There is a certain device that helps in the unclogging of ears. Most often, three different types of devices used for popping the ears. These include EarPopper, Otovent, and special earplugs. These help in the optimum regulation of the air in the ear. Otovent works similarly to the Valsalva maneuver. EarPopper is the device that is inserted into the nostrils, and the button is pushed to release the little air puffs in the nostrils. It ultimately opens up the Eustachian tubes. These devices are best use by the doctor. They know the best way to operate it and hence cause the activation and opening of the Eustachian tubes quite swiftly. 



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