How to get rid of a stomach ache?

How to get rid of a stomach ache

Well, we all are aware of stomach aches! We all know how painful they can be when they strike hard. Having a stomach ache develops a very uncomfortable condition, and we prefer to stay lying down in bed without doing anything. There can be a lot of reasons behind the sudden arrival of stomach aches. It might be the effect of prolonged constipation which will cause problems in bowel movements. Stomach ache can also appear if you have eaten something you should not have. For instance, you have eaten food full of spices and have had juice or any heavy shake with it. Your stomach will likely reflux it as the pH of the foods is different. Then you might suffer from indigestion or diarrhoea that will lead you to experience stomach aches.

Some people, especially children, may suffer from food allergies that lead to stomach aches. For instance, some children have by birth lactose intolerance. So when they have anything made from milk or milk itself, they experience pain in their gut. When the pain starts, the victim might suffer from gastric problems, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, coughing, farting and even bad tasting burps.

Remedies to get rid of stomach ache:

There are many remedies, or you can say how you can cure yourself of stomach aches. Everybody has a different cause; therefore, not every remedy works for them. So you will have to decide by yourself which one would suit you better because you would not like to worsen the situation.

  • The most common way to cure uninvited stomach aches is to drink plenty of water. This would help digest the hard food particles to break down into softer ones, and ultimately the pain will ease. It also helps reduce the acid reflux as the water neutralises the increased acidic pH of the stomach.
  • Do not lay down or rest. Try to walk and move your body. It will be difficult and painful, but you will have to do it.
  • You can also have ginger tea so that your stomach may ease up and you will feel better. This is due to some chemicals present in ginger which will increase the process of digestion.
  • Have soda water with a pinch of black salt in it. It will help absorb the nutrients stuck in your gut and make you feel better.

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