How to exfoliate face?

How to exfoliate face

Exfoliating the skin is a good process of getting rid of the dead cells layer. This is a great process of refreshing the skin because it revives the skin and makes it healthy. The skin starts to glow and also makes you look fresh and joyous. The texture of skin is different if we compare it with every part of the body. Some parts of the skin are hard, while others like that on the face are comparatively softer. Therefore you cannot use any hard exfoliation tool on your face.

What can you use to exfoliate your face?

As stated above, that face is comparatively soft than other regions, so you cannot use hard materials on your face to exfoliate it. Instead of using any material like salt and sugar, you can use oats and baking soda. They are readily available in your kitchen and will work the same way as other exfoliating materials.

For this purpose, many scrubs are available in the market that helps in good skin exfoliation. There are fruit scrubs and many other branded scrubs as well. Females are very regular when it comes to facials and massages. Therefore, it is advised for them to use a good brand scrub and start exfoliating the skin gently so that the moisture and healthy skin does not get damaged. If you wish to use natural methods, you can make your own at home. The essential ingredient would be salt and sugar. Honey can also be combined with them. So, in the end, the skin gets soft and healthy.

For lips:

This goes without a doubt that lips are a more temperate region on your face, and if not taken care of, they can decolourise or get cracky. You can use grounded coffee with any fragrant oil or form a lip scrub for lips. Here honey is a binding agent that will help combine the ingredients and form a jelly-like structure easy for you to handle and rub on your lips.

You will have to ensure that you do not exfoliate the lips a lot. You will feel that dry patches have begun to appear on your lips if you do so. You will also feel irritated, or if your skin is acne-prone, the region near your lip line will develop unwanted guests just as acne. So it is better to take care of your lips and exfoliate them and even your skin once a week.

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