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Difference Between Email and Gmail

The main difference between Email and Gmail is that Email is a technique of exchanging digital posts over a communication network such as the internet. In contrast, Gmail is an email service provider which Google offers.

The Internet is recognized as a global system of interrelated computer networks that makes associations among electronic devices around the globe. One of the significant advantages of the internet is that it allows all of its users to exchange messages. Email and Gmail are two terms that are related to communication with the support of the internet. Email is an electronic message which consists of text memos, illustrations, pictures, and videos. Conversely, Gmail is an email service provider and known as a platform to send and receive emails. There are Some other email providers as well, such as are Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Webmail.

Difference Between Email and Gmail 

Some of the significant points to understand the fundamental difference that exists between Email and Gmail are as follows: 

What is Email?

Email represents Electronic mail. It is a process of exchanging digital messages between people using digital devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. This method only needs a concise period to send as well as receive the messages. Besides sending text messages, it allows all of its users to attach various media files such as graphics, videos, and images.

As it helps to maintain healthy communication with people who are miles and miles away, that’s why it plays a significant role in maintaining modern communication. It offers support to all the individual users as well as medium to sizeable enterprise-level business societies.

What is Gmail? 

Google offers Gmail as an email service provider because it is impossible to use email without an email service provider. It is considered one of the most prevalent email service providers that help send and receive emails through the internet. offers the option to use POP or IMAP protocols to retrieve email messages from a server successfully.  

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All The emails provided by Gmail always contain two sections. One is the header, and the other is the body. The header section contains all the details of the receiver and the essential subject of the email. The ultimate message includes in the body section. It allows users to attach different files as per need and requirement, such as images or links. However, if there is a need to send large files, it is mandatory to insert those files to Google Drive.

The difference in basic Features: Difference between email and gmail

An email can transmit all digital messages with the support of communication networks such as the internet. Gmail is an email client and offers many features such as virus protection, email notice, spam filtering, and many more.

Difference in Usage

The main objective of Email is to send and receive digital messages over the internet. On the other hand, Gmail is a platform to send emails and is also known as an email client. In conclusion, we can say that an Email is a digital message, and Gmail is the most general and prevalent service provider with over a billion active users. 



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