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Difference between smart tv and android tv

Today’s generation can never perceive the bewilderment previous generations felt with this technology change—the difference between smart tv and android tv. People have been used to TVs connected with antennas or cable. But things have changed now. The streaming services have changed the view of an old television. Today’s televisions are brilliant and sometimes android too.

Now the older versions of TV are called Dumb TV because today’s internet-connected generation needs connected devices. Smart tv is connected to the internet so the users can browse their favorite tv shows and movies without any interruption. Unlike old televisions that offered only a few channels, you had to wait for your favorite tv show. Let’s have a look at the latest version of televisions like smart tv and android tv.

What is a smart TV?

Smart TV offers its users to stream the internet on the television. Apart from that, it now offers voice control and integration of its home page. All smart TVs are not the same, as they differ in their qualities, prices, and specifications. However, every smart TV can be connected to the internet. Today’s smart TV is different from the old tube TV. It doesn’t even look like one of them. You can say today’s smart TV is a bigger version of your smartphone or tablet. They have powerful software and easy software.

You don’t need to be too much qualified to operate a smart TV. These TVs offer a range of applications to choose from. So, we can generally say that today’s smart TV has introduced a new way of entertainment to its users. The users can browse videos from Netflix, play games on it, and browse social media applications. It allows many compatible devices to connect from it. For example, XBOX, PlayStation, google home compatible devices, and Alexa compatible devices.

New models of smart televisions

New models of smart televisions offer voice recognition. This means that you can directly order your google assistant or Alexa to work for you. You can ask them to change channels or turn on the sound etc. Some specific models offer your smart tv to be connected to other compatible devices in your house. This can help you to control these devices on one page. These devices are generally the best intelligent lights, best smart locks, and other intelligent sensors.

The famous companies that used to be the manufacturers of old dumb TV have shifted to the manufacturing of smart tv. Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Hisense, Sharp, Vizio, and LG. TCL and HI sense are budget-friendly manufacturers, whereas Samsung, LG, and Sony are manufacturers of High-End intelligent televisions. Smart televisions use your home internet for browsing. Some TVs are attached with wire, and some have a built-in WIFI.

Any smart TV offers a range of streaming services. Some of them are paid, and some are free but supported by advertisements. These TVs support Netflix, amazon prime video, Disney plus, and HBO Max as paid services and Crackle, Pluto, and Tubi as ad-supported services.

Many Androids TV boxes are available in the market that can turn your simple TV into a smart TV. Some are Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV, and dongles like Chromecast with Google TV and Fire TV Stick.

What is an Android TV?

Before the invention of android TV, entertainment was received from google TV. But Google TV shut down a few years ago. This reason led to the invention of a new platform known as an Android TV. This was well-received by developers, manufacturers, and users. Unlike Google TV, an Android TV offers a lot of applications. The access

to so many applications was due to the access to the play store on an Android TV. This idea was taken from smartphones, and minor changes to the simple television built an android TV.

So, you can say an android TV is a primary android on a big screen. But this doesn’t mean that you can receive calls or browse through email on this television. It just offers entertainment categories for the users. It can be browsing, streaming, or gaming. Thanks to google integration, you can control and manage your television by asking google assistant. You can attach your android smartphone or android smartwatch to this TV.

You can customize the content of your television according to your preferences. Android television does not need its users to be computer specialists. It is easy to use. You need to connect a top box to it, and it will show a home screen immediately. You will see the content of the TV in rows where you can select what you want to see. If you are unable to connect it, you can take help from tutorials available on YouTube. You can discover, play games, voice search, and Chromecast on an Android TV.

What are the differences between Smart TV and Android TV?

While reading this article, you must have seen how a smart TV and Android TV work. You’ve seen their specifications and functions. Now let’s look at their differences side by side to have a better understanding of them.

  • An Android TV is an all-in-one television that doesn’t require any setup, whereas an android TV needs the setup of a top box to get started.
  • A smart TV has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. However, an android TV has a comparatively more complicated interface. It cannot be used by people who are unfamiliar with android.
  • Smart TVs are being manufactured by many renowned companies and many local companies because of the increasing demand. In contrast, the manufacturers of an android TV are limited.
  • An android TV offers a vast library of applications for its users, but an intelligent TV only offers a limited number of apps.
  • A smart TV doesn’t offer firmware updates that can lead your system to get out of date. An android TV is connected with Google, which will keep updating your system.


Are you thinking of buying a new TV and confused? You have gone through the differences between a smart TV and an Android TV. It’s your choice what suits you better. If you are not familiar with android, then obviously, smart TV is a better choice.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly TV, then android tv comes in a different range. An Android TV is comparatively cheaper than a smart TV. Unlike a smart TV, the frequent updates on the android TV over an internet connection keep your device up to date. You know the limitations and differences of both, and it’s your personal choice. You know better what is your requirement and what suits you the best.

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